Trade and Production Company JG General partnership Waldemar Fedyk and company has been supplying packaging for almost all branches of industry for many years. Since its creation, through all the years of its presence on the Polish market and abroad, it builds its credibility not only by providing the highest quality products and implementing many original projects, but also by constant care for compliance with ethics. A moral approach is for Trade and Production Company JG a determinant of the highest standard of enterprise management and impeccable cooperation with business partners, which is why the Code of Ethics is the basis of all our activities.

Entering into any cooperation with Trade and Production Company JG for each Client, Supplier or other Business Partner is tantamount to:

accepting an obligation to comply with the principles of this Code

immediate implementation (if it has not been done so far) and maintaining in practice a code of ethics consistent with the Trade and Production Company JG code

cessation of business relationships with partners who fail to comply with the rules of law and ethics

Any actions found to breach or fail to comply with the code of ethics will be perceived by the Trade and Production Company JG as a significant reduction in standards and will result in not entering into or ceasing cooperation.


The activities of Trade and Production Company JG are always carried out in accordance with the current legal regulations in force in Poland and in all other countries with which the company cooperates.


All Trade and Production Company JG employees are thoroughly acquainted with the company's profile and the Code of Ethics and are obliged to follow its rules and work honestly and faithfully, which results in similar requirements for all persons with whom they maintain or will maintain business relationships.

The relationship of Trade and Production Company JG Owners with all employees is based on respect, respect for personal dignity and open communication.

Employment opportunities

Trade and Production Company JG pays great attention to ensuring stable jobs and employs employees taking into account their qualifications required for a given position. The information about tasks at individual job positions, promotion or recruitment opportunities is public and allows both the employment of new people and the promotion of existing employees. Questions about family planning are unacceptable and cannot be a condition of employment. Attempts to interfere with the private life of employees / candidates for employees are also prohibited.

Salaries and benefits

Trade and Production Company JG maintains a clear and fair remuneration policy described in the Remuneration Regulations, which is available to all employees. The rules are created so that at least the minimum wage required by law is ensured and that the individual contribution of each employee to the company's operations could be taken into account.

The company provides employees with all mandatory benefits and refuses to accept unregistered employment, the so-called "Junk contracts" and the transfer of elements of remuneration without including them in the documentation.

The company takes special care of employees who are eligible for or have retired.

Any possible additional benefits, insurance and funds not requiring, as well as requiring financial participation by the employees (e.g. in the form of contributions) are discussed with the employees, and binding decisions are made after consultation with them, solely for their benefit and with their consent.

Data confidentiality

All data required to work at the Trade and Production Company JG and employees' health information are confidential and are not shared with other employees or third parties.

Information obtained by employees during work, as well as their original ideas, skills and engagement are not used for any competing purpose other than those for which they were made available.

Health and safety and working hours

The company provides a working environment required by standards and legal regulations. According to them, the work is performed within the set hourly limits for the adopted working time. Sanitary and health and safety inspections are carried out on a regular basis, and employees are obliged to make every effort to avoid accidents and injuries to themselves, their colleagues or bystanders.

Prohibition of discrimination and harassment

Everyone (regardless of personal characteristics) has the right to privacy and personal dignity.

Harassment, discrimination, mobbing and sexual harassment are not allowed in the Trade and Production Company JG. Any form of mental or physical abuse is also strictly forbidden. Threats and blackmail are prohibited, as well as disciplinary procedures involving the imposition of financial penalties (except from those permitted by law).

Trade and Production Company JG employees and candidates for employees will not be discriminated on the basis of: race, color, nationality, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and family ownership, health condition (if the disability affects the performed work, the owners of the enterprise will undertake efforts to create other job opportunities), ownership, political beliefs.

Gender parity

Trade and Production Company JG respects women's rights and equality and does not agree to any discrimination on the basis of gender. Representatives of each gender have an equal right to apply for a given position. Only objectively assessed qualifications determine the candidate's selection.

Child labor and slave labor

Trade and Production Company JG does not allow children to work. The condition for taking up employment in the enterprise is reaching the minimum age specified by law. There is also no use of slave or forced labor. The company's employees are not prisoners, slaves or people staying illegally in the country.

Freedom of association

The Company does not prohibit employees from associating or forming trade unions. In the event of such a situation, JG company will ensure optimal communication, information and representation of employees during the negotiations, and will make every effort to ensure that the dialogue is constructive and leads to an understanding without escalating conflicts.


Business behavior

Trade and Production Company JG does not consent to engaging in unfair commercial practices or corrupt behavior. Particular attention is also paid to avoiding any potential conflict between private and business interests. Partnership relationships based on honesty are considered to be the highest value. In transactions with customers, data confidentiality is observed and it is not allowed to talk to competitors or transfer information to third parties at the same time. We also do not consent to any undue favoring or exclusion of contractual partners.

Marketing activities

All types of external communication must be lawful and aimed at creating one's own brand in a clear and honest way. Such activities must be credible and must not have a negative impact on other companies through dishonest advertising slogans.

Products and services

Every effort is made to ensure that the quality of products and services is at the highest level. All products undergo regular tests and are compliant with the law and accepted standards.


The acceptance of personal gifts in any form by employees or benefits arising from the company's business relationships that could affect the performance of duties and show symptoms of corruption is strictly prohibited. Customary company gadgets are accepted as an exception and small Christmas gifts, provided that: they do not exceed 100 PLN in value, they do not take the form of cash or other means of payment (including gift vouchers), they are free from elements violating broadly understood morality, their transfer is public and is not preceded by creating pressure to accept them, do not result in the recipient's obligation towards the donor, nor do they create the appearance of such an obligation, no rules of the law have been broken - especially tax regulations.


Trade and Production Company JG cares about the local community. Taking into account its interests, it provides favorable employment opportunities and good working conditions. It actively cooperates with the regional Labor Office.


The company complies with all regulations regarding the protection of the natural environment and undertakes to take actions aimed at minimizing the negative impact of its activities on it. The technologies used in the production processes are selected so as to take into account the good of the environment and the local community.


Trade and Production Company JG attaches great importance to respecting the law established by national and local authorities, and the scope of the company's activities is public. The company is politically neutral, opposes any prejudice or discrimination and does not favor representatives of the authorities.


Trade and Production Company JG complies with public procurement law, does not influence decision-makers

and does not discredit the competition in order to win the tender.


Each business transaction being the operation of Trade and Production Company JG has complete documentation in accordance with domestic/foreign regulations.


The content of this code has been accepted by the owners of Trade and Production Company JG in Chełmża and disseminated among the company's employees. All employees are obliged to comply with them.

All Customers, Suppliers and Business Partners are informed about the existence of the Code and are obliged to comply with it, and Trade and Production Company JG (taking into account the quality of cooperation with other companies and the good of its own reputation) will regularly monitor whether this obligation is practiced. The violation of the above-mentioned rules will be punished with discontinuation of cooperation.