We know that we all have an impact on our environment!

Changing economic conditions and social expectations caused that in the company management, apart from production, financial, marketing, etc., new objectives should be set in the field of (broadly understood) environmental protection. Trade and Production Company JG consciously cares for the natural environment, and our business activity is conducted in accordance with effective regulations and standards regarding environmental protection. The primary goal of the Trade and Production Company JG ‘s environmental protection activities is to reduce its negative impact on the environment. We comply with the adopted State Environmental Policy, and the company's operation is in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act and additional regulations in this matter from April 27, 2001 (as amended) and the Water Law Act from July 20, 2017 (as amended).


1. We have limited the variety of production materials used.
2. In the production process, we use recycled polyethylene terephlate and we gradually increase the production of rPET packaging.
3. In some packaging, the percentage of rPET has been increased up to 100%.
4. By using recycled plastic, we indirectly contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and lower energy consumption compared to the production of new raw material.
5. We strive to reduce the grammage of the packaging as much as possible while maintaining its high quality and functionality. In this way, we reduce the consumption of PET material.
6. All our packaging can be recycled.
7. In the packaging process, we eliminated metal materials such as staples, which allowed us to reduce the amount of waste and improve the depalletization process.
8. We try to invest in more modern machines and devices that are more energy efficient and ensure optimal consumption/loss of raw material, e.g. through the use of automatic substrate dispensers.
9. We use a closed water circuit, and the return system reduces waste in the form of oily materials.
10. We keep the noise level below the set standards.

Work ergonomics and protection of natural resources

1. We have introduced electronic document flow (i.e. WZ documents and invoices) thanks to the Optima management program. This way we save time and paper.
2. The paper used in our company for printing and photocopying is 100% or 50% recycled and meets the five-star standards of the Green Star System. We also use mixed paper, which comes from responsible sources and is labelled with the European EU Ecolabel.
3. Our office printers have automatic two-sided printing settings, which results in paper saving and a gray scale default setting to reduce the consumption of dyes.
4. Recently, we have introduced daily calendars for office use with cardboard covers made of FSC-certified recycled paper.
5. The Christmas cards we sent to customers in 2020 were also made of ecological paper in gray color.
6. Our production hall is heated by using energy from heat recovered in the cooling process of production machines. We also liquidated the boiler room in favor of more ecological gas heating. Gas is one of the cleanest fuels, almost free of sulfur. Such heating does not contribute to the formation of smog and practically does not cause environmental pollution.
7. We replaced the lighting with energy-saving lamps emitting daylight.
8. We segregate waste o we cooperate with external companies in the field of waste segregation and disposal, e.g. the BIOSYSTEM packaging recovery organization, which conducts pro-environmental educational campaigns on our behalf and submits reports to the office confirming the fulfillment of recovery and recycling obligations. o We have a valid certificate (attachment) we have introduced full utilization of used oils, o we cooperate with companies collecting hazardous waste, we hand over electronic waste to appropriate recycling companies.
9. We use materials and substrates that are safe for people and the environment, we use only proven suppliers (supported by appropriate tests and certificates).
10. We use 100% of post-production waste for milling and give it to companies producing regranulate.
11. The area around the plant has a surface arranged in a way that ensures natural vegetation of plants and retention of rainwater. The substrate ensures natural development of plants, most of the rainwater can freely soak into the soil.In this way, we maintain a biologically active surface.

In the near future, we plan the following actions to protect the environment:

1. Replacing traditional disposable batteries with rechargeable batteries that we can charge.
Thus, we will contribute to reducing the amount of waste and help protect the environment.
2. We plan to place an additional container for used paper in each office room, which will be used for recycling.
3. We want to buy faucet caps to reduce water consumption and 'save light/energy' stickers and place them next to each switch.
4. We plan to purchase bicycle racks, thus we want to encourage activity and a healthy lifestyle.
5. We will increase the number of plantings within the green area.

Certificate of Implementation of Public Educational Campaigns in the Field of Environmental Protection: PDF file (opens in a new tab).