We make every effort to ensure that our products meet all quality requirements and do not have a negative impact on the health safety of the products that are packed in them (e.g. food, pharmaceutics and cosmetics). Therefore, we implemented the HACCP system extended by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hygiene.

As one of the few companies in Poland with such a scope of activity, we strive for continuous improvement and development of the enterprise.

All our products also have a Health Quality Certificate issued by the Polish Institute of Hygiene. In cooperation with independent, accredited external laboratories, we regularly conduct periodic tests of packaging migration and microbiology.
We implement this vision through:

• Expanding the machine park,
• Conquering new markets,
• Expanding the offer with new packaging, often going ahead of the needs of the market,
• Continuous improvement of technology and increasing the quality of products,
• Close cooperation and supervision over suppliers,
• Rising the qualifications of our employees.

At every stage of production, all employees strictly comply with the requirements of applicable standards, legal regulations, and the requirements of our customers. The policy is known and disseminated in the company and is systematically assessed in terms of its compliance.

HCCP - certificate for companies: PDF file (opens in a new tab)