Warehousing and storage information


1.Transport information
The product is not dangerous during transport and is harmless. During transport, it is absolutely necessary to avoid:
• high temperatures (especially above 40°C inside the pallet) and direct sunlight and all sources of UV radiation
• extremely low temperatures and prolonged exposure to temperatures below -15°C
• pallet deformations (i.e. crushing, compression, tilting)
• placing any items on pallets
• flooding collective packaging with water, transporting pallets in combination with other goods, including e.g. strong acids and alkalis, chlorohydrocarbons
• contact of pallets with fire and flammable materials.

2. Warehousing and storage information

During storage and warehousing, strictly comply with the information contained in point 1. In addition:
• Pallets with packaging should be stored in a dry, ventilated room.
• Do not place pallets in direct proximity to sources of heat and sunlight.
• Do not place pallets against walls made of sheet metal which are in contact with heat sources.
• The optimal storage temperature is between -15 and +25 °C. It is permissible to exceed a higher limit, provided that the temperature inside the pallet does not exceed 40°C.
• Do not stack pallets directly on top of each other.

In case of doubts regarding the above issues, we are at your disposal - contact us