We are a company with almost thirty years of experience in the processing of PET. We specialize not only in the production of packaging.

We leave the design department and workshop at your disposal. Thanks to this, we will make designs, 3D models for new brands, but also meet the demand for molds or steel parts. Thanks to the extensive knowledge of materials and the visionary view of our designers, and with the help of specialized programs (e.g. Creo or SolidEdge), we are able to design packaging that will meet the needs of every customer who wants to stand out with their own brand.

Thanks to modern technologies, we can offer packaging with interesting shapes and complex engravings. Therefore, we offer our customers comprehensive support from the idea, through the entire design stage (including 3D visualization), to the production of forms, prototypes and ready, unique packaging.

Our clients include leading companies on the alcohol, cosmetics and household chemicals market. We also produce packaging for the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as caps for bottles and jars.

Our machine park includes both injection molding machines, blow molding devices, as well as 9 production lines of the Japanese company Nissei, used for injection with blow. Thanks to this, we are able to produce bottles and jars of various weights and thread diameters, while maintaining the high quality of the offered packaging.

Simultaneously with the production of packaging, the Trade and Production company "JG" deals with the design and manufacturing of tools for the production of packaging. Widely developed workshop facilities with modern numerical machines.